Julie, Ryley, Brennan, Rhys & Blythe

I am the Mom of the 4 rambunctious wild children you see above. Hello, my name is Julie. This website was created as a Homeschool project to involve my kids in learning to hone a skill around an interest they have. All 4 of my children love the outdoors and prefer to be out there, in any weather, than indoors. And as Charlotte says, 

“Never be within doors when you can rightly be without.”— Charlotte Mason
So, we happily follow her advice throughout the year. Though admittedly we see probably 5x as much of the wild during the spring/summer months. 

Ryley is my oldest child, he's almost 11. He has a deep rooted passion for all things animalia & zoology and was the main inspiration for this endeavor. I hope to teach him how to pursue a life that uses the passion & gifts that God has bestowed him. It's also an amazing way for me to motivate him to learn as much as he possibly can about each and every animal we encounter in our Home Library and through various other avenues like YouTube videos & even TV shows like The Wild Kratts

Brennan, Rhys, & Blythe love the outdoors and have their own particular special interests with animal life as well. Brennan leans more towards entomology and her favorite in that category probably would be slugs. In her words, "I love them because they're squooshy and slimy". 

Rhys loves everything that is "tiny", always has. So, small animals, insects, reptiles & amphibians are his forte. 

Blythe is not yet 2 so she just enjoys everything her siblings put before her & I have no doubt she will blossom with her own special interest with the outdoors as well.  


Ryley's favorite show is The Wild Kratts and since he has seen probably most episodes at least a couple times he has memorized thousands of animal facts, many that you probably would not even think to ask a person he will happily spout off if given a semi-interested ear. 

His favorite book of all time is called Cabinet of Curiosities: Collecting and Understanding the Wonders of the Natural World by Gordon Grice [aff link]. If you have never seen that book and you are a Nature lover like us, it's simply a must have

While Brennan can girly girl with the rest of the bunch she also has a passionate love for everything dirt. On a nice day you will most likely find her digging in it finding friends to relocate to our garden (worms), or pretend cooking with it, or covering herself or one of her unfortunate siblings in it. 

Her favorite books are Nature Guides & we have a whole bookcase full of them because they're my weakness as well. She likes to look at the insects and tell me how gross they look, at heart she is an entomologist. It's also helpful that most of these are smaller handheld size, great for easily piling them up for a child to look at them. 

Rhys' would happily spend all day everyday following his sister around. He often likes to find small animals to make his "pet". On any given day you might find him sitting on the steps speaking to one of his latest pets telling him how much he loves them. 

Blythe, well, she hates being left out so she just follows everyone else's lead. And will not stand for being left in the house if her siblings are outdoors. A few of her favorite past-times are jumping on the trampoline (alone), going down the slide, & riding on our 4 wheel 12 v ride-ons with her sister or brother. 

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR STOPPING BY & adventuring with us in our HOMESCHOOLING nature study!

Follow along for our homeschooling adventures and real life blogging, projects we like to do for handicrafts & skill learning, creative things of all sorts having to do with nature study & our love of zoology while we enjoy our simple life here in Missouri.